Why SE Asia

By 2050, SE Asia’s population will reach almost 800 million…

SE Asia Population1 ​
(Millions of people)

…Creating world leading economic growth…..

SE Asia GDP1 (Real) ​
US$ Trillion (2017 Constant)​

…Driving record energy demand growth

SE Asia Total Energy Consumption1​

Independent operators are needed to fuel SE Asia’s rapidly growing economies

  • The global energy transition will take time and responsibly produced hydrocarbons will play a prominent role
  • It is critical that the large volumes of discovered resources are developed in a responsible manner
  • A current void of capable and innovative operators exists in SE Asia, due in part to the major’s retreating
  • Clear signals from domestic stakeholders/regulators seeking support to increase domestic production
  • Limited buyer universe creates a meaningful opportunity to acquire assets at significant discount to NAV 

Our target markets in ASEAN are safe and stable to invest in​

  • Functional and stable governments ​
  • Transparent fiscal and tax regimes​
  • Rule of law ​
  • Established upstream regulatory bodies​
  • Long term Production Sharing Contracts or Concessions​
  • Credible offtakers for oil and natural gas
Criterium Energy is a proud member of the Canada ASEAN Business Council and supports collaboration between Canada and ASEAN to promote the free flow of product, ideas, innovation, and talent. ​

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